Josh Greer

Software Engineer - Web Developer - User Experience Designer



SPARK design team

My passion is helping my clients build brands that make lasting positive impressions. My adventures in digital design have lead me across North and South America and brought me into contact with many outstanding professionals who I team up with to deliver amazing user experiences.

I have worked one on one with clients as a freelance web designer as well as part of large teams in several fortune 500 companies. My insatiable curiosity inspires me to explore the latest trends in Cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, coding, and agile project management. My greatest joy is delivering above my clients expectations and building lasting connections with colleagues and clients alike.


Like many devs my experience in programming began with the essential front end web technologies HTML CSS and Javascript and branched out from there. Over the past 13 years I have continued to build on this foundation with additional frameworks and code libraries to meet the needs of my clients.

HTML5 Languages
Bootstrap 4

My primary stengths are centered around the Java ecosystem and PHP though recently I have also taken up Ruby.


Vanilla code will only get you so far. Any developer worth their salt will leverage existing frameworks for improved code quality and faster develpment. My favorites are Java Spring and Ruby on Rails.

Java Spring Framework
Ruby on Rails

Two of the most popular content management systems available are Wordpress and Drupal. I am right at home developing in either system depending on your needs.


Git is by far the worlds most widely used Source Control Management (SCM) tool. Although I do have experience with SVN I would stick with Git. An integral part of agile software development is the concept of shortened develop / test cycles. This is made possible with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tools. At the click of a button, or on regularly scheduled intervals, these tools work together to download source code along with any dependencies,  compile your code, deploy your application to any number of environments, run your program, and execute automated tests against it all without any manual human interaction.


QA is essential to the development of high quality software products, and in an agile environment this means test automation. TestNG acts as the engine that drives unit and system tests while cucumber provides a layer of abstraction for human readable tests that can be understood by developers and non-technical stakeholders alike. Selenium is used to simulate user interaction in a browser for UI testing.


My go to databases of choice are MySQL and SQLite although I have used Oracle databases exclusively for my projects at FannieMae. I primarily use phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench to interact with the db.


Before I wrote any code I kept myself busy setting up networks and and servers for small businesses. Whether you already have hosting with cPanel access or you prefer the performance and control of your own server in the cloud I have the skills to get you squared away. I specialize in Ubuntu Server and prefer Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud provider.

Amazon Web Services

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